I may be a geek...But I'm stylish!
That's what I would've said to the new girl at our school if she fought with ME. But she didn't, she fought with another girl at our school. So I guess people thought she was pretty. I don't know... I didn't get to see her. :-( Anyways  my friend(Let's call her Lizzie) Lizze said that Yoshi said, "She's fine!" Ha-ha.  Anyways, she got in a fight with a girl, I'll call her Aly. So they fought and there was SO MUCH gossip about that! They said that Aly got expelled and the new girl got suspended. I saw Aly walking to the principal's office with one of the vice principals. NOT a good sign(and she looked pretty mad and said some words I can't say on this site because L would see it and delete it. Also, its "dirty" so yeah.). I didn't get to see the fight... But L did... she's a witness. Ask her yourself!(by commenting of course!) She had the same period as them. Anyways... my P.E. teacher said any talk about the new girl and we would get a REFERRAL! So my friend Lizzy and I(we have the same P.E. period) kept our mouth shut. So anyways.... that's all I got for today! 
P.S. I'm wondering if Aly will show up at school on Monday... Same with the new girl...

P.P.S. This was originally for my other blog with L. But I put it here because, well, I want people to  see it!

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