I may be a geek...But I'm stylish!

Ads, ads, ads!

Here I'm gonna put some awesome websites YOU should check out! 

TWISI blog! twisiblog.com My top favorite website! Now that you've read this sentence... go check it out!

Nerdythoughts.weebly.com Another website I know made by my friend L! She's the biggest(and awesomest) nerd I know! We might do a website together(hint, hint)!

GANCO.weebly.com Know what GANCO stands for? Of course you don't! Check out this website to find out! Its pretty interesting if you think about it...

Thebluejaysblog.weebly.com Jay is so awesome and also smart. She's a cool friend of mine and she is a great blogger. Now go see her site(and the others above)!

greenpigz.weebly.com A connection to these sites below:

Pinkpigz.weebly.com and chubsterz.weebly.com They deleted bluepigz.weebly.com and purplepigz.weebly.com because... wait I don't want to tell you! Check out greenpigz.weebly.com to know why!

PoemWriterAtHeart loves poetry! So check out her poems at allpoems.com/poemwriteratheart ! I can assure these poems are the bomb and you will not be calm. Eh? Eh? Pretty good huh?(of course not!) So check it out if you want REAL poetry!

Another AWESOME website that is still in construction is 
ann-books.weebly.com It's a website by my friend Nikki and I... it has stories on it that we write that I'm gonna post here, then possibly a few days later here! So check it out! I'll blog when our first story is up!

PGJ has 2 awesome sites!!! They are... "drumroll please!" *duh duh duh duh.... boom! Ching!* advertiseyoursitenow.weebly.com AND rabbitquestions.weebly.com Check out these sites! 

password.username.weebly.com Another awesome website with a person named Password who interviews people! Interesting combo, no? Check it out if you think yes OR no! Username coming soon. Username is NOW on there!