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Woohoo! You Looked Over Here!

Many things including videos, pictures, book titles, etc. will be on this page coming soon...

Finally Right?

Well I finally started on this page. Check out the video below! Who's watching the world cup? Comment on my blog if you are!

Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie Countdown

This is how obsessed I am with this show. I got this off the site for the movie. The movie website is called thelastairbendermovie.com. So you should see! There's a bunch of stuff there. 
Sorry the thing above doesn't work...

Legit Kidz Jerkin'

Anyone know what Jerkin' is? I saw these bunch of kids on YouTube and thought they were pretty good. You should check out there videos! They have 6 videos. All you have to do is type in Legit Kidz in the box where you look for videos. This is there most recent but the one under this video is my favorite. The one under the video below is for a contest so it has a very... creative intro. Its funny though!
Obviously I wouldn't know about this kind of stuff unless I had a brother. So he showed me this video and I think its hilarious! The main funny parts are the beginning and end(especially the end). You can see the middle part if you want but its just dancing. I didn't see it. So click play and figure out why it's so funny. CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.