I may be a geek...But I'm stylish!
Hey! Looks like I'm a little late on postin' eh? Well... ya know... I kinda abandoned this blog. But I'ma back now! From a comment from... a different post! So... my life...

I took the STAR Test. -____- How fun (yes, that was sarcasm).It's so boring! They give you TWO hours for the test when I can do the parts that they give you in 30-45 minutes! So... I brought a Spongebob pillow/stuffed animal and used it to relax. Smart me. :)

Have you ever bought duct tape? They have a brand called Color Duck Tape™ and it's really cool! I have plaid, silver, lime green, and black! It's awesome for designing stuff, or just using it to repair stuff! (with STYLE!)

Well... as you all know (the very few that read this), I'm a writer! Well... I AM, but when I grow up, I wanna be an astronomer. I love the stars... and planets... and... learning about the universe! It fascinates me. :) 

Huh... I'm rereading this and I'm wondering... did I change? I mean, I still have the same obsessions, but... my writing style. My friend says that my writing is getting better, but I don't know if that counts for blogs, too. :)

Anyways... I noticed some comments are... advertisement? Really? Wow... ok. Well... I'll just leave it there so people can look at it. 

So... uh... here's a random video that'll get your laugh box working. 
Hmmm... not showing up like it used to... Oh well. Just click the link! Unless it shows up. Then just press play! :D

Oh, and excuse the cranky mom's language. I'd probably be mad too. :)


P.S. Sorry for typos!
I just wanted to say sorry... for not posting in over a week! I have  SO much homework, and I started ANOTHER story called Survival On Neptune. First Chapter will be posted in a week or so... not sure. Might blog about my soccer game later(if I have time). Sorry this is just news, but at least you know I'm alive!
Whoooo!!! No school! I honestly don't know what to write. Oh! I got it! Well, my mom, dad, bro, and I went to xxxxxxxxxx to see our family. We saw my grandma(now buried) and from there we went to my aunts house! It wasn't a party, but there were a bunch of people there! Us "little" kids ages 13(not my age!) and down played a game on the stairs with a soccer ball. We have to throw it on the stairs and the person next to you has to catch it. If the drop it, they're OUT! But we changed it up a bit, and the little kids got more wild. So us big kids watched from the top of the stairs while the little kids made a fool of themselves. It was funny. Estimating: all the little kids probably got hit on the head at least 15 times total. We had some drama, with my 5 year old cousin but that was it. Other than that, it was awesome! 
I scored the one and only goal on a penalty kick. Yup, just me and the goalie. 1-0...




I have no idea what to say right now, unless you want me to repeat my post from GANCO. Or you could go there and read it yourself. Its not that long. 
Hey, I got a story up(duh, it says up there)! Its on this site(under Stories!) and also at my other blog aan-books.weebly.com    So please check it out and tell me what you think! Oh! And I forgot to say if you go to aan-books.weebly.com its under Stories Blog. 
If you look at the image above, then you see 3 pics. 2 of those pictures are my biggest obsessions. Its Toad and Peace signs. :-) I love peace signs... but I absolutely LOVE Toad!!! He's is the cutest thing in the world... That's all I wanted to say!
Today was HORRIBLE in History! Ok, so we have this thing called Caravan Day, and we have teams. So my team was in 3rd(I think...) place. We had this quiz thing about questions for our Unit. So we went from  128 points, to 140, to 98 points! Yes that much! At least it wasn't as bad as my friend Yoshi's(Everyone in his group[but him!] isn't very smart...) group. The went from 46 points, to "drum roll please" *drumroll* 2 points!!!!! Hehehe... poor Yoshi...
P.S. I'm gonna do a different design for my website...




Today was the last day of the easiest class: computers...
That's what I would've said to the new girl at our school if she fought with ME. But she didn't, she fought with another girl at our school. So I guess people thought she was pretty. I don't know... I didn't get to see her. :-( Anyways  my friend(Let's call her Lizzie) Lizze said that Yoshi said, "She's fine!" Ha-ha.  Anyways, she got in a fight with a girl, I'll call her Aly. So they fought and there was SO MUCH gossip about that! They said that Aly got expelled and the new girl got suspended. I saw Aly walking to the principal's office with one of the vice principals. NOT a good sign(and she looked pretty mad and said some words I can't say on this site because L would see it and delete it. Also, its "dirty" so yeah.). I didn't get to see the fight... But L did... she's a witness. Ask her yourself!(by commenting of course!) She had the same period as them. Anyways... my P.E. teacher said any talk about the new girl and we would get a REFERRAL! So my friend Lizzy and I(we have the same P.E. period) kept our mouth shut. So anyways.... that's all I got for today! 
P.S. I'm wondering if Aly will show up at school on Monday... Same with the new girl...

P.P.S. This was originally for my other blog with L. But I put it here because, well, I want people to  see it!