I may be a geek...But I'm stylish!

Welcome To My Website!

Welcome to my website! Did I say that already? Yeah but whatever right? So... ANYWAYS this is a website full of many, many, things(well it will be soon!). This website is all about my life, stories I will be writing and lots of random stuff. So be prepared for craziness. Because its coming. To keep my name secret from online weirdos I'm going to use a code name. Alex. That's not my real name but I wish it was. I LOVE that name. I use it for all my stories. So get used to seeing that name because you'll be seeing it a lot. Hope you like my website!

Ahhhhhh!!! Its the Best Site Ever!!! (well besides mine of course ;-D)

I know I haven't put anything on my advertisement page... but you gotta check out TWISI blog(twisiblog.com)! Its such a cool site. Houston is a cool dude... and yeah. This person is really creative and HILARIOUS!!! So check it out!

Hey!!! I'm a TwisiFan!! Check it out!!