I may be a geek...But I'm stylish!
Hey everyone! I'm here to say that we won our soccer game(again!)! It was 3-0. So how's everyone doin'? 
P.S. I really don't know what to blog about right now... I'll get back to you all...
Hi! Here a random post about something that happened to me!

Ok. So at soccer practice, we like to have fun with our trainer(and sometimes coaches!). So sometimes when we mess up, he gives us nicknames! One of the girls on my soccer team can be a bit lazy at times. So him being British or from one of those countries that speak English but have an accent, he called her a Froot Loop... And today, we were playing and another one of my soccer teammate didn't stop the ball on the line(like we were supposed to) and he called her a Donut! Yes! A Donut! So now I'm wondering who's next and what's gonna be the next nickname? I'll tell you next week if he gives one out!
I haven't blogged in sooo long! I've been really busy with homework! But I'm here to say my friend Nikki and I made a website(she wanted one!)! We're gonna post stories there and I'm gonna post them here too! Okay. Done with that... Now check out GANCO.weebly.com there's gonna be a new feature!!! :)
Here's this week and the week before.

"If the sky is the limit, then what is space, over the limit?"

"Why are people so scared of mice, we all love Mickey Mouse!"
Happy Labor Day everyone! Here's a funny story about a dumb-dumb named Rony. By Rony's request we are going to put in his life story first. Enjoy. :)

Rony's Life Story
It all started December 28, 1998. A boy named Rony was born. It was a very sad story. At age 9 he STILL couldn't use the bathroom. Then at age 11 he finally learned! The end.

Rony's Big Mistake
Anonymous Person: Hey Rony, what weighs more? A pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?
Rony: Bricks
*Anonymous person and I laugh*
Me: Wow...
Me: They weigh the same!
Rony: *he thinks about it* Ohhhhhhhhhh...
*Me and Anonymous person start laughing*
Aaaaaaaaaanndddd scene!
*audience applauds* 
Me: Thank you, thank you! This actually happened. About 20 minutes ago from the time I was writing this. So thanks to everyone who read this. Oh and to those who think that Rony's Life Story is real... sadly it isn't. But his big mistake is. :)
P.S. The only thing real about his life story is his date of birth.

Here's last week's Random Thought.

"Why do scientist call it research when their looking for something new?" 
All right, that was last week's Random Thought so... Bye!
Here's this week's random thought of the week! 

"Why do we sing 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' when we're already there?"

Well, here's the deal. I am not a woman over the age of 14(if you were thinking that). In fact, you can say I'm not that old. But if you wanna know how old I am read my friends blog: nerdythoughts.weebly.com I'm about close to her age.
This week's Random Thought.

"If you soak a raisin in water, does it turn back into a grape?"

I know what your thinking: No. But try it. See what happens and comment her on my blog.
I missed two weeks so here's 3 random thoughts(the two weeks I missed and this weeks).

First One: "Why doesn't McDonald's sell hot dogs?"

Second: "Do prison buses have emergency exits?"

Last(or third): "Is it appropriate to say 'Good Morning' at a funeral?"

That was all the random thoughts! If you find any of these offensive(hopefully not!), leave a comment and I will delete it and find a new one. If you think its funny... then still leave a comment! :)