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Happy Labor Day everyone! Here's a funny story about a dumb-dumb named Rony. By Rony's request we are going to put in his life story first. Enjoy. :)

Rony's Life Story
It all started December 28, 1998. A boy named Rony was born. It was a very sad story. At age 9 he STILL couldn't use the bathroom. Then at age 11 he finally learned! The end.

Rony's Big Mistake
Anonymous Person: Hey Rony, what weighs more? A pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?
Rony: Bricks
*Anonymous person and I laugh*
Me: Wow...
Me: They weigh the same!
Rony: *he thinks about it* Ohhhhhhhhhh...
*Me and Anonymous person start laughing*
Aaaaaaaaaanndddd scene!
*audience applauds* 
Me: Thank you, thank you! This actually happened. About 20 minutes ago from the time I was writing this. So thanks to everyone who read this. Oh and to those who think that Rony's Life Story is real... sadly it isn't. But his big mistake is. :)
P.S. The only thing real about his life story is his date of birth.

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I see you managed to make your image!

Like the site, it's going great. ;)


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