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Whoooo!!! No school! I honestly don't know what to write. Oh! I got it! Well, my mom, dad, bro, and I went to xxxxxxxxxx to see our family. We saw my grandma(now buried) and from there we went to my aunts house! It wasn't a party, but there were a bunch of people there! Us "little" kids ages 13(not my age!) and down played a game on the stairs with a soccer ball. We have to throw it on the stairs and the person next to you has to catch it. If the drop it, they're OUT! But we changed it up a bit, and the little kids got more wild. So us big kids watched from the top of the stairs while the little kids made a fool of themselves. It was funny. Estimating: all the little kids probably got hit on the head at least 15 times total. We had some drama, with my 5 year old cousin but that was it. Other than that, it was awesome! 
4/17/2011 12:16:12 pm

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