I may be a geek...But I'm stylish!
Wait. I shouldn't be excited about that. I HATE Mondays. They're the worst. Anyways I want to say one of the code names of my friends. Her name is Maggie. Oh! I almost forgot there's also Jay. She has her own blog too. It's called: thebluejaysblog.weebly.com. Actually after I finish my post I'm going to check if she posted anything new. Today I just hung around, read a little bit, blah blah blah. So nothing exciting happened today. So I'm gonna start a story maybe later tonight. Well it's almost 7 o' clock and I still have to do a lot of stuff at my house. So I'll be on here later to start a story. Bye for now!


06/08/2010 4:17pm

Thanks for mentioning my website! I'll mention yours on mine.

06/08/2010 5:49pm

You're welcome Jay! Thanks for mentioning me! To just see Jay's blog, click on her name.


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